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September 9, 2016
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January 9, 2017

The Main Ingredient

Sugar, flour, eggs, butter, cream, vanilla, chocolate…. which one takes center stage as the main ingredient in a cake…

Red Wine.  In red wine velvet cake.

Historically, a classic red velvet cake is made with brown sugar which created the red color in the cake. In the mid 1900’s when hoping to increase sales, two bottles of red food coloring  were added to give it a true red color.  In my quest to find the perfect dye-free red velvet cake, I came across an article about a red wine cake.  The wine provides a depth of flavor that makes this cake so unique.

Salt. In Margarita cakes.

What is a margarita without salt? And how do you make salt a feature in a cupcake?  A recent bride and groom inquired as to the possibility of a margarita cupcake and these are the      questions I needed to answer in order to create what they were looking for. Salty sweetness is definitely a winning combination.

Sprinkles. In a confetti cake.

When a bride loves confetti cake, how do you give her the cake of her dreams and elevate the cake for a wedding?  Some purple sprinkles hidden in their top tier for them to find on their anniversary (or the day after the wedding when they choose to indulge!)

Guinness.  In the Irishman’s cake.

To truly celebrate my Irish heritage, I’d drink Guinness. But I must admit, for me, I prefer my Guinness in a dark chocolate cake.  The scent of the cake baking is better than that of an Irish Pub.  The Guinness mixing with the chocolate and the butter….a smooth finish for any occasion. Slainte.

Customers. Eating these cakes.

Every person and occasion I create a cake for provides me with inspiration.  While the initial ingredients in my customer cake were family and friends, each customer has elevated the recipe for how I can interpret and create deliciousness.  My customers are the only ingredient that matters – they are the goodness in Goodness Cakes.
They have made my passion, my livelihood – which is a tremendous gift.

To all of those that have contributed to the recipe, I am grateful.

To all that inspiration on the horizon, I look forward to meeting you.

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