The Main Ingredient
November 30, 2016

Make sure that your wedding cake is really representing you!

Wedding cakes are inspired by everything from hobbies to preferred colors to favorite childhood flavors. They are an art form — an edible art form for that matter — meant to capture the look and feel of not only a wedding day, but the personality and preferences of the bride and groom.

A wedding cake is not something that is simply eaten and forgotten; it makes a statement with how good it looks, how great it tastes, and how it reflects the soon-to-be newlyweds.

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We’ve seen everything from jaw-dropping, elegant wedding cakes to nerdy themed ones. We love the way they are designed, the intriguing flavors woven into the batter, and the overall ability to make a cake that is a personal extension of the self through intricate designs.

The wedding cake style you choose will definitely send a message to your guests, so it is best to go into your cake consultation with an idea of what each style can signifies. While there are a number of ways to express yourself through pastry, these popular styles often really set the tone for the wedding day, which is a natural reflection of you!

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