Custom Wedding Cakes

Oh Goodness Cakes offers custom wedding cakes designed perfectly for each special couple.  From flavor to size, shape and design, the possibilities are endless!  Let’s get started creating your custom wedding cake.

Birthday Cakes

There’s nothing quite like the memories –sitting in front of a candle-lit birthday cake, loved ones singing, blowing out candles and making wishes, cutting and tasting that first piece of cake.  Whether your 1st,  96th or any year in between, invite Oh Goodness Cakes to the birthday party for your one of a kind custom birthday cake.

Custom Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a fun and popular alternative to traditional cake. Oh Goodness Cakes will be glad to create custom cupcakes for any occasion you can think of!

Custom Cakes for Special Occasions

Graduations, retirements, baby showers, bridal showers, holiday celebrations - Or Tuesdays – let’s be honest  – every day and any day can be special enough for cake.

I remember the days as a child when my Mom would make a scratch cake for dessert and of course on special occasions like birthdays.  In today's world who has time to do that?  It seems most people resort to one of the supermarket commercial bakeries, which always seem to disappoint with tastes of artificial flavors and way too sugary.  I understand that time is also a factor and people don't have time to make a delicious from scratch cake.  Well, how pleasantly surprised I was to have met Rachel Womble and her magically mouth watering hand made cakes.  Where you actually taste real flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and butter!  Never too sweet, her tasty creations leave you wanting more.  Get a Rachel cake or cupcakes for any occasion or just for a family treat.  You will never want to buy a store cake again.  And you won't meet a more wonderful person in your life.  Thanks for the amazing treats!

- Scott Varley